Masonic Lodge #52
A.F. & A.M.
1350 N.W. Carden Ave.
Pendleton, Oregon
(541) 276-3760

Pendleton Masonic Lodge # 52 A.F. & A.M.
1350 N.W. Carden Ave.
Pendleton, Oregon

To the Student Applying To the Pendleton Masonic Lodge For the Paul Gorham Memorial Scholarship

(For High School Seniors Graduating in the 2006 - 2007 School Year)

On behalf of the members of the Pendleton Masonic Lodge, we welcome your application for the Paul Gorham Memorial Scholarship. The very fact that you are applying is indicative of your high scholastic ability; your active participation in school and civic affairs; your persistence in pursuing your career and educational goals. For these attributes we congratulate you.


Any student graduating in 2007 with a high school diploma may file an application. All applicants must be citizens of the United States of America on the date the application is filed. The applicant must be attending one of the following high schools: Helix, Pilot Rock or Pendleton. The Pendleton Masonic Organization will dispense two scholarships this year one boys and on girls. The student must have a 3.5 GP A or above, 50 hours of documented community service and have served as a leader in student government, a club or organization.

Application Process

Interested students are encouraged to complete the Pendleton Masonic application form distributed to local high schools. This appli_cation form includes specific application instructions and guidelines to which you must adhere. Do not include personal photos in the application materials. You must provide the scholarship committee with a current transcript. All letters, addendum pages and exhibits are to be on a single side of an 8 W' x 11" page. The completed form must be post marked on or before F ebruary 16th, 2007.

Award Process
The amount of the award as established by Pendleton Lodge #52 A.F. & AM. is in the amount of $500. This award certificate is conditioned upon the emollment ofthe student in an accredited U.S. college or University. Upon receipt of the "Verification ofEmollment" form, a Pendleton Masonic check, for the amount of the total award, will be forwarded to the student's designated address.

The members of Pendleton Masonic Lodge #52 look forward to hearing from you in the very near future.

Please forward all information to the Lodge Secretary: Mr. John Heddle at P.O. Box 1265 Pendleton, Oregon 97801 or Mr. John Thomas P.O. Box 1365 Hermiston, Oregon, 97838. If you have questions about this scholarship please call Mr. John Thomas at 541-5676440 or Mr. John Heddle at 541-276-9367.